“Fakka” means ‘small change’ in Arabic. Small change is a particular problem for consumers and retailers alike in Egypt. Very often small retailers such as pharmacies, vegetable stores or corner shops do not have a ready supply of small change for their customers. Instead they will hand back items such as a single aspirin, a vegetable or sweets as an alternative. To a tourist visiting Egypt this might seem like an ingenious method for overcoming the problem. To an Egyptian living with the situation day in day out, year in year out, the items instead of small change solution, is practically useless, to the point of being frustrating.


When Vodafone Egypt wanted to launch a brand new concept in the market – micro re-charge cards – the client-agency team spotted an opportunity, elegantly positioning the micro re-charge cards as small change. This platform for a business opportunity has never been done before anywhere in Egypt.

The beauty of the business solution also lay in how easily the micro re-charge cards, designed by JWT Cairo, perfectly fit into the cash register’s cash tray. Now when a small retailer needs to hand back change to his customer instead of providing a useless item, he can provide a valuable asset, the Vodafone “Fakka” micro re-charge card.

Vodafone “Fakka” micro re-charge cards have become a new currency in Egypt with little shops up and down the country stocking the “Fakka” cards to use as change, giving Vodafone Egypt the biggest distribution channel possible. Buying re-charge cards is no longer an item to be ticked off on the shopping list – they have become part of everyday life, with the shopkeeper handing them out as small change suddenly looking more generous.”