Amazon has introduced virtual dash buttons in an attempt to make it even easier for people to order products through its app and website.

The physical version of the buttons – which are small gadgets that enable one-click reordering of products – have been available to the Amazon Prime subscribing general public since July 2015. Now, Prime members will be able to enjoy the same one-click ordering but directly from their devices.

Amazon Dash

On the digital dash buttons page, Amazon says: “Each Dash Button is paired to a specific product of your choosing, making it simple to order your favourite products with the press of a button. All Dash Button orders ship fast and free via Prime. Each Dash Button features the brand logo and/or brand name of the product.”

Dash buttons can be found on the Amazon home page or stored in the user’s Your Dash Buttons section, where favourite buttons are stored. Amazon will automatically create buttons on products typically reordered by the user.


SOURCE: Mobile Marketing Magazine